Errlli Sour Terp Crawlers Very Berry Gummies 600mg THC


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It sounds like you are referencing a type of THC-infused gummy product. “Errlli” seems to be the brand or producer, “Sour Terp Crawlers” is likely the product line or flavor profile, “Very Berry” suggests a berry flavor, and “600mg THC” indicates the total amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in the product. THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

To provide more information:

Errlli Sour Terp Crawlers Very Berry Gummies 600mg THC

1. Brand/Producer Errlli
2. Product Line/Flavor Profile Sour Terp Crawlers
3. Flavor Very Berry
4. Total THC Content 600mg

Usage and Caution
If you’re considering consuming any THC-infused product, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Dosage Ensure you are familiar with the recommended serving size and always start with a smaller dose to gauge your tolerance, especially if you’re new to cannabis. Consuming too much THC can lead to uncomfortable side effects.

Legality THC products are not legal everywhere. Make sure you’re aware of the legal status of THC in your region before purchasing or consuming.

Safety Always keep THC products out of reach of children and pets. Store them in a safe place.

Effects THC can impair coordination, alter judgment, and affect memory. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming THC products.


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