When placing an order with Cosmic Haus, payments should be made within 12 hours via any of the available payment methods. Orders that are yet to be cleared after 12 hours will be automatically cancelled.

Any cancelled order on our website can no longer be placed back in the processing status as the associated order number would have expired. If any payment comes in after the order has been cancelled, the order will remain cancelled and a store credit will be provided.

It is important to note that a refund will not be provided for late order payment. Failing to pay for an order more than one time can result in automatic ban of user from Cosmic Haus websites and services. Bans will be determined on the basis of individual customer case or scenario by the Cosmic Haus management team.


At Cosmic Haus, we take product quality, customer satisfaction, and customer safety very seriously. We have rigorous product testing standards that ensures all our products are of the highest quality.

In any rare event when you feel our product doesn’t meet the expected standard; we encourage you reach out to our support team for further assistance. Cosmic Haus will review each refund request individually to provide the most satisfactory resolution.

If we determine that a refund is paramount and necessary, we reserve the right to provide you with Store Credits in place of a refund. However, the form of refund will be determined by your choice of payment method and order amount.

We will work alongside our customers to come to a solution. We (Cosmic Haus) also reserve the right to charge a processing fee to refund a payment.

When is the refund request valid?

All customer’s concerns and refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of order delivery. We are not liable to provide refunds for orders that elapses the specified days.

If for some reason you receive a defective product, please let us know within 7 days so that investigation will commence swiftly. Complaints will be reviewed individually by our management and a credit or replacement product will be provided as appropriate.

Replacement products will only be provided in case of defective products. Cosmic Haus reserves all right to determine the appropriate compensation (credits or replacement) per case.

Credits and Use

Credits given have a validity period of 3 months (90 days). Our store credits will be given in the form of a coupon code. Each coupon code can only be used once, however, not using it in full will render the remaining credit void. Cosmic Haus will not be able to reissue a new coupon code for the remaining balance.

Customer satisfaction and Refunding

In any rare situation when a customer is unhappy about an order, we may offer the option to return your order. In cases where a product is defective or order was incorrect, we will cover all associated shipping costs to return the package.

In cases where customers are unsatisfied for reasons other than defective products, we may choose to provide the customer with a refund. In such an event, the customer will be responsible for covering all return shipping costs.

Refund requests and Cosmic Haus management

All refund requests are subjected to our management team’s approval. In the event of purchase of multiple items, we will only be able to issue refund for unopened items. If an item has been opened and it is not satisfactory, please do not open the rest. We encourage you call our customer support right away to make a report. Defective products will be determined by our management team on an individual case basis.

In any case that an item becomes “out of stock” or is missing from your order before shipment, we will take steps to contact you to make changes to your order. We will try to reach customers for 3 hours. Once it’s the third hour, we will make a selection of a replacement product closest to the product of choice. If we fail to get in contact with you, a refund will not be provided for any replacement item chosen by us.

Cosmic Haus support or management team may request additional evidence that may aid the investigative process of your ticket such as image, videos, etc. If the customer fails to provide the information requested, we reserve the right to refuse a refund, replacement, return, or store credit provision.