Cheetos Crunchy Chips – 500mg THC


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Cheetos Crunchy Chips – 500mg THC

Description: Experience a delightful crunch with a twist in every bite. Our Medicated Cheetos Crunchy Chips are infused with THC, offering a unique combination of flavor and therapeutic potential.

Key Features:

  • Potency: A potent dose with 500mg THC in each pack.
  • Flavor: The iconic taste of Cheetos elevated with the essence of THC.
  • Net Weight: 28.3 grams of crispy goodness.
  • Status: Recognized as one of our top-selling medibles (medicated edibles).

Usage Recommendations:

  • Begin your journey with just one or two chips.
  • Wait for a while to gauge its effect.
  • Adjust intake based on individual tolerance and desired experience.

Benefits of Medicated Cheetos:

  • Taste Meets Therapy: Enjoy the classic Cheetos flavor while benefiting from the effects of THC.
  • Convenience: A simple, enjoyable way to intake THC without vaping or smoking.
  • Portable & Discreet: Perfect for on-the-go snacking without drawing attention.
  • Mood Enhancement: THC may help uplift mood, offering relaxation and a potential sense of euphoria.


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