DMT 1ml 800mg DMT Vape – Mushrooms Canada

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  • 10-15mg: Immediate effects should be noticeable. Users can then decide if they need more.
  • Recommendation: Begin with lower doses and increase gradually.

Dosage and Effects:

  • Below 25mg: Mild psychoactive and physical effects. Suitable for those seeking a softer tryptamine experience.
  • 25mg – 40mg: Potent effects but might not induce full hallucinations. Recommended for first-time users.
  • 40mg – 50mg: Considered ideal for experiencing the full spectrum of DMT effects, including hallucinations and out-of-body sensations. Known to be transformative.
  • Above 50mg: Extremely potent. New users should approach with caution to avoid uncomfortable experiences.

Equipment Note:

  • DMT products do not come with batteries and pens.
  • Compatible with 510 thread batteries.


  • Always prioritize safety and be informed about possible effects and risks before use.


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