Enigma Magic Mushrooms


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Enigma Magic Mushrooms: A Deep Dive into Consciousness

Description: Delve into the transformative realm of Enigma Magic Mushrooms. Expertly harvested from superior mycelium, these mushrooms open the doors to elevated creativity, profound emotional discoveries, and unparalleled dimensions of consciousness.

Use and Benefits:

  • Creativity Boost: Amplify your creative capabilities and see the world in new hues.
  • Emotional Insight: Gain profound understandings of your emotions and the world around you.
  • Altered Consciousness: Traverse new dimensions and depths of the mind.

Dosage Guide:

  • Microdosing (0.2-0.5 grams): Subtle mood elevation, enhanced productivity, and potential relief from anxiety and depression.
  • Level 1 (0.5-1 gram): Experience mild euphoria and perceptual changes.
  • Level 2 (0.5-1 gram): Dive into deeper introspection with intensified visuals.
  • Level 3 (1-2 grams): Venture into the realm of three-dimensional closed-eye visuals.
  • Level 4 (2-3 grams): Reality starts to blur with dominant hallucinations.
  • Level 5 (3-4 grams): Experience the profound state of ego dissolution.


  • Q: Can I mix these mushrooms with alcohol or other substances?
    • A: It’s advised against mixing with alcohol or other substances for a safe experience.
  • Q: What factors can influence my experience?
    • A: Setting, company, diet, and individual personality can shape your journey.
  • Q: Who are these mushrooms intended for?
    • A: They’re designed for those familiar with psychedelics and should be consumed responsibly.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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