LSD Oreo Cookie 200ug


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Dosage: Each oreo cookie contains 200ug

Safety Guidelines:

Keep this product out of the reach of children, pets, and expectant or nursing mothers. If you’re on medication, abstain from using this product. If any adverse reactions are noticed, halt consumption immediately.

Storage Directions: Once you receive the product, swiftly store it in a cool, shadowed area. The best place for storage is a compartment within your refrigerator. Shield the product from prolonged exposure to light or intense heat, and always handle with gloves or protected hands.

Cautionary Note: This product boasts a significant potency; each cookie encapsulates two doses of LSD. For an optimal psychedelic experience, let the cookie rest in your mouth briefly prior to chewing and swallowing.

Always adhere to the regional legal guidelines concerning these compounds. They come with inherent risks and potential side effects and are prohibited in many jurisdictions. Prioritize your wellbeing and safety at all times.


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