LSD Brownies 200ug


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LSD Brownies 200ug: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Dosage Details: Every brownie is infused with a potent 200ug concentration of LSD.
  • Safety First:
    • Always keep these brownies away from children, pets, and expectant or breastfeeding mothers.
    • Those on medications should refrain from consuming this product.
    • Should any adverse reactions arise, discontinue use promptly.
  • Storing Your Brownies:
    • As soon as you receive your product, move it to a cool, dark location.
    • The best place to store these brownies is inside a fridge compartment.
    • Minimize exposure to light or warmth and handle only with clean hands.
  • Consumption Advice:
    • Be aware of the potency; each brownie equates to two typical LSD doses.


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