LSD Cookie Chocolate Chip 200ug


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LSD Chocolate Chip Cookie 200ug: Usage and Safety Primer

  • Dosage Insight: Each chocolate chip cookie offers a potent 200ug dose of LSD.
  • Safety Protocols:
    • Keep these cookies out of children’s, pets’, and pregnant or nursing mothers’ reach.
    • Persons on medications should steer clear of this product.
    • Discontinue consumption at once if any unusual reactions manifest.
  • Proper Storage:
    • On obtaining the product, promptly relocate it to a cool, dim environment.
    • For optimal freshness and potency, stow in a refrigerator compartment.
    • Avert prolonged light or high-temperature exposure, and utilize gloves or clean, covered hands for handling.
  • Consumption Tip:
    • Given its high potency, bear in mind that a single cookie is equivalent to two conventional LSD doses.
    • For best psychedelic effects, let the cookie linger in your mouth for a moment before thorough chewing and digestion.


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