Microdose LSD 1P-LSD Deadhead Chemist


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The Benefits of Microdosing Deadhead Chemist’s 1P-LSD

Microdosing involves taking small amounts of a psychedelic drug, which can offer several benefits. One such benefit of microdosing with Deadhead Chemist’s 1P-LSD is that it can help treat depression and anxiety. Additionally, it can improve blood flow to the brain, leading to better brain function. Other benefits include increased sex drive, heightened creativity and cognitive function, greater empathy, and improved self-confidence and self-esteem. It may even improve healthy human relationships.

When it comes to microdosing with 1P-LSD, it is important to note that it may be less potent than LSD. However, this does not necessarily indicate its efficacy in humans, and many people believe that 1P-LSD and LSD have similar intuitive power.

To achieve the desired effects, it may be necessary to adjust the dosage of 1P-LSD compared to LSD. A user who shared their personal experience with Jim Fadiman recommends starting with a dose of 15 micrograms and adjusting it as needed to achieve the desired sub-intuitive level.

LSD and 1P-LSD are usually sold in square tabs containing 100-125 micrograms, which can be processed into smaller powdery or pelleted forms, or even liquid suspensions.


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